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Upcoming Activities
The fun of being a Boy Scout are the activities and Adventures.
This year, Troop 123 is planning on starting our October at MassJam. MassJam is a New England regional Scout Jamboree with an expected participation of over 6500 scouts and leaders.
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Winter Packing Guide
For all cold weather outings and camp outs, scouts should always use this guide for their packing list.
Be Prepared is the motto of the Boy Scouts. Please use cold weather guide as your packing lists, especially when we camp during the winter months.
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Troop Guide
Troop 123 follows our troop guidebook for how our troop is run and managed.
Please review the guidebook for the troop's policy and procedures.
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Troop Leadership
Troop 123 is a youth lead organization
The day to day operation of a Boy Scout troop is run by its youth leaders, with the guiding hand of the adults. Please read the roles and responsibilities of the youth leadership of this troop.
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Scoutmaster: Rick Cehon
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